America’s most fabulous celebrity housewife

America’s most fabulous and beloved  housewife debuted her show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London and Brighton from Thursday 19 to Tuesday 22 May.UKPosterFinal

The intimate one-woman-show is the true story of Ed (Kasha), his life and how he became the beloved MKD – International Celebrity House Wife. Not just the usual camp drag show, it’s theatre at its finest. Kasha takes us through her life – the good and the bad – invoking belly laughs and emotional tears within seconds of each other, carefully and beautifully weaving in an anthology of numbers from musicals to old school classics.

Mrs. Kasha Davies said: “OH MY GOD ON A WHEEL! What more can I say than this is the ultimate dream come true? Who would have known that a little gay from Scranton Pennsylvania would be bringing his life story to the cabaret halls of UK, wearing a fabulous dress (and a less than modest heel)? If you’re looking for the typical lip-sync drag show you are barking up the wrong tree, as this story is full of song and dance and embraces love, accepting oneself and forgiving others. Come celebrate with me and remember; THERE’S ALWAYS TIME FOR A COCKTAIL!!”

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