The Biggest Tarantino Fan in the World


…any of you pricks move and I’ll execute every mother fucking last one of you…

The Biggest Tarantino Fan in the World opened at the Arcola Theatre on September 10th 2017 as part of the Minituarists.

It’s Shabbat, and Benji’s invited a bunch of mates over for dinner and drinks. He’s just back from a year away and it’s the first time they’ve all been together in ages…

But as the drinks flow and the banter rages, Benji’s ex Gabrielle turns up. And she’s still pretty pissed with him, and she’s fucked on crystal meth… and she has bet…

A fast-paced, fucked up homage to the greatest filmmaker of his generation, The Biggest Tarantino Fan in the World is a tiny play exploring big ideas around pop-culture, the need to fit in and contemporary themes of disassociation…

Full Cast & Crew

Director – Scott Le Crass
Writer – Stephen Laughton
Producer – iN BLOOM

Benji – Paul Bloomfield
Gabrielle – Lil Davis
Dee – Asha Read
Avi -Henry Gilbert
Ed – Stephen Laughton